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Grants And Loans System (GALS)

CAI Grants and Loans System, or GALS, is a Windows based application suitable for grant, loan, funding source, and disbursement management. GALS was originally developed as a customized financial software system for the State of Wyoming and proved highly successful for the client. CAI now provides GALS to other customers with similar financial needs. Let's examine how GALS works, its features, and how GALS could be customized to be used by your company.

The GALS Process

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Applications &


Prospective applications are submitted for approval in order to be eligible for a grant or a loan. GALS supports a full approval process across multiple financial officers.  In addition, applications can be easily supported by multiple funding sources.

Funding Sources

GALS allows the financial officer to set up any number of funding sources to be used for subsequent grants or loans.  A funding source acts as a pool of money ready for allocation.


Funding sources can be categorized as being only usable for loans or grants, can be associated to a specific sponsor, and also supports a revolving fund mechanism for sharing fund allocation and distribution by fiscal year.

Disbursement & Invoicing

Once an application has been approved, GALS will begin disbursing approved money.  GALS can be customized to incorporate ACH-based transactions to enable rapid disbursement to customers.

Invoicing, or repayments, can be accepted either at the end of the loan lifecycle or even during the disbursement period.  GALS supports generating full amortization schedules, re-payment tracking, monitoring and reporting.

Other Features

Customizing GALS for Your Organization

GALS can be easily customized for most financial contexts. If you would like more information, please contact us and we will arrange for a demonstration of the GALS application.


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