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Mobile Technology Can Increase Safety in the Oil & Gas Industry

Mobile Technology is revolutionizing the ways in which real-time data is captured, stored, and analyzed. As the Oil & Gas Industry looks to solutions for increasing efficiency and decreasing costs, Mobile Technology is the first step towards standardizing safety requirements and avoiding the hefty price tag that accompanies incidents.

According to the Aberdeen Group, 41% of companies lack the data and analytics processes needed to make strategic decisions. Furthermore, Oil & Gas IQ conducted a survey of CIOs, determining that Mobile Technology was the number two priority of ten in 2013, with 55% of respondents categorizing Mobile Technology as a beneficial operations strategy. Nevertheless, Oil & Gas IQ notes that only 16% of respondents have deployed Mobile Technology strategies thus far.

As providers of mobile hardware, software, and management systems partner to offer instant and effective ways to capture and manage data, the wave of the future for the Oil & Gas industry – amongst others – will likely revolve around a streamlined process from the Field to Finish, making sense of onsite information using Big Data analytics.

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