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CAI Restaurant

Point of Sale


The CAI Restaurant Point of Sale (or CAI POS) is a Windows-based application, suitable for restaurant point-of-sale processing.  The CAI POS is best suited for small-to-medium sized restaurants with anywhere from 1 to 35 concurrent waiters, several hundred tables, and medium-to-high volume customer traffic.


You will find the CAI POS highly scalable for rapidly growing restaurants, resulting in a maximum ROI for your customers at a very reasonable, cost-effective pricing model.

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CAI POS was originally developed as a custom POS application for an Indian Cuisine restaurant (Bombay Deluxe).  Bombay Deluxe realized immediate increases in the efficiency of its order management once the system was installed, resulting in higher customer patronage and overall higher sales.


CAI POS uses a Table Oriented approach to provide efficient usability and minimize staff training.  Each table represents an open order with seated customers and carries various statuses throughout the lifecycle of an order.


Table Oriented

Visual Cues

Visual Cues provide staff with the ability to quickly glance at the POS kiosk and become aware of the status of each open order.  For example, cues provide for quickly recognizing if a table has been waiting for an extended period but has not yet been served.

Online Ordering

CAI POS provides several options for order and receipt printing.  For example, orders can easily be sent to the chef or other kitchen staff for fulfillment once a table has been given an 'ordered' status by the waiter.  CAI POS supports wireless interaction with remote printers stationed in the kitchen, cash register, or various other locations in the restaurant.  With this kind of flexibility, restaurant efficiency is easily doubled, increasing sales with high customer turnaround.

Receipt & Order

CAI offers online, web-based ordering for customers to complement the in-house POS application.  The online ordering component supports user profiles, shopping carts, item catalogs, takeout & delivery, and of course deep integration with the in-house POS application itself.  CAI has also implemented SMS text messaging notifications for mobile staff such as delivery vehicles.

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Other Features & Functionality

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