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CAI ePayment System

CAI's ePayment System provides the capabilities to accept electronic payments via ACH (Automated Clearing House, or electronic checks) as well as credit card processing. ePayment uses open standards to allow payment processing to and from most systems. In addition, ePayment can use various industry standards found in the financial sector such as NACHA (including CTX, CCD, and ACH returns).

CAI ePayment System is especially developed to be used as a companywide central processing system and excels in high volume, recurring transactions.

The CAI ePayment System has been designed for maximum interoperability.  To achieve this, CAI provides the ePayment service as a web service.  A web service provides an XML\SOAP-based platform which can be invoked by any system which communicates via this industry standard platform.

Maximum Interoperability

The CAI ePayment is built from the ground up with security in mind.  ePayment uses the highest encryption and security standards available today to keep your data and your transactions safe.

CAI ePayment also provides many ways to notify your staff of transaction statuses.  From financial officers to IT staff, ePayment can keep you aware of all of the details about each transaction.

Technology & Security

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ePayment For Your Organization

Since the CAI ePayment system is standards-based and provides an open API, ePayment can be easily customized to fit your organization's needs.  CAI has already customized this system for several customers, and ePayment has processed hundreds of millions of dollars in volume.

To see how ePayment could work for you, please
Contact Us and we would be glad to set up a walkthrough of the system and provide more details about how ePayment can work for you.

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